Gadget insurance reviews

Gadget Insurance Review Sites Are Great But Can Cause Confusion

Without the gadgets and gizmos we all have access to today – the mobile phones, in car computers, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, iPods and MP3s, camcorders, iPhones, cameras, iPads, sat navs and games consoles – contemporary life in the 21st century simply wouldn’t what it is, in business, at home, or out and about. It stands to reason that many insurance companies, like Protect your bubble, specialise in gadget insurance policies. As most insurers look great and sound great on paper and on screen, people can be more than a little perplexed about who actually offers the best insurance deals and customer service. Helping hands from other genuine customers are what gadget insurance review sites aim to bring to the table.

There is no question that looking at a review site is worthwhile. Genuine regular people, who have taken out gadget insurance with providers like Protect your bubble, review what it’s really like to deal with this popular insurer or its competitors.  When people want to get some insider knowledge before taking out gadget insurance of their own, they browse review sites. They can find out about who offers the best deals, who pays out promptly, who really looks after their customers, and what small print to be aware of.

Yet trawling through the good, the bad and the downright ugly on the review sites can add to the confusion. A quick Google search of ‘Protect your bubble review’ yields an immediate eight review sites collectively featuring over 800 customer posts about Protect Your Bubble just on the front page alone. Clicking on the highest ranking review sites, customers hoping to source feedback before taking out gadget insurance are not disappointed.

Of taking out gadget insurance policies, Ian says: “Wow, if only everything was as easy as taking out cover with Protect Your bubble! Downloaded the app, entered my details, hey presto, it's covered! How have complete peace of mind” and Karen adds: “Very easy to use, and the multiple item discount great, as it means I can insure all my gadgets for the price I was paying for two”.

Of making a claim against his gadget insurance policy, Benjamin from Birmingham says on the same review site: “Replaced my phone when it was broken. No problems like some others seem to have had.  Plain sailing, very helpful people. Good value, easy to set up.  Can’t really complain. I’ll keep using them”. Whilst this is a very positive Protect Your Bubble review, this delighted customer indicates that he is aware that other customers might not share his level of satisfaction.

Herein lies the crux of the matter! Which review site posts to take on board and which to take with a pinch of salt?  Fact of the matter is that most review sites probably feature a diverse mixture of positive and negative reviews about every gadget insurer going. Gadget insurers – or any other service providers – do not get it 100% right every time.  Nor do customers, but the difference is that customers have the opportunity to publicly complain.

In order to get the best out of gadget insurance review sites, customers can avoid confusing information overload by abiding by a few simple do’s and don’ts:-

Do be influenced by quantity, as multiple review site posts left by happy customers indicate overall quality service

Don’t just look at a single review site, look at a few to get some genuine objective insight

Do take notice of a gadget insurer’s responses to both great and grim reviews, and how long it takes them to respond. Remember that no service provider is ever blameless, but it’s reassuring to see them striving to build bridges and put things right for disgruntled customers.

Don’t be taken in by poor use of language and bad grammar, suspected exaggeration, and suspected repetition of the same issues across a number of posts. Whilst the majority of review site users are genuine customers, some people use review site posts as a way to tarnish a gadget insurer’s good reputation.